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What I Look For in a Quality Cigar Lounge Near Me

Finding a quality cigar shop near me is not always easy and the more you visit cigar shops, the more you start to learn what it means to be in a quality cigar store. You want a store that offers quality products as well as an environment that is warm and friendly, a cigar shop where the proprietors know your name.

When looking for a cigar store near me, I try to look are what makes each one good. Here are four of the most crucial aspects of a quality cigar shop that when searching for one close by to you, you can take into consideration:

Products and Cigars in the Shop

For a cigar shop to be a quality store, they have to offer high quality products. This does not mean that they only order what the proprietors or management prefer, but that they offer products that will draw in customers and keep them coming back for more. It is important that their products not only be high quality, but also that they are fresh and what is popular in the cigar communities.

Customer Care

The cigar shops near my location may have excellent products; however is they do not care about their customers, their customer will not care about their products. Being in the cigar shop business is not easy, you have to keep up with constantly evolving trends while staying true to the classics, if a cigar shop does not have excellent customer care, they will not be successful. Look for a cigar shop that calls each customer by their name and treats them as if they were family, the kind of family you actually like.


When you walk into a cigar shop, you want to feel as if you belong. Many times people lead hectic lives, making it nearly impossible for them to join anything due to their hectic schedules. If someone is able to find a relaxing and amicable spot where they feel as if they belong, they begin developing relationships, becoming friends, caring for each other as they learn new things and enjoy their cigar evenings.


When you walk into a cigar shop, you want to feel relaxed and comfortable. You want some nice leather chairs, HD TV´s to watch the latest sports events, wireless internet, perhaps even a poker table making for an inviting, comfortable and fun evening. You want to feel as if the proprietors appreciate you and your business and that their business is built around their customers.

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It is also important that a quality cigar shop know what the standards and expectations of their clients are and strictly adhere to them. They must offer an environment that is professional, comfortable and friendly, one where cigar novices and aficionados alike will be able to enjoy a high quality smoke while receiving encouragement, a fine premium product and superior customer service. Here are some of the standards I look for when looking for cigars for sale near me:

Quality — Customers should be offered the highest quality products at prices that are fair and reasonable. They must feel as if there is a flaw in the construction of their cigar, they can let the staff know and it will be replaced immediately.

Learning — the places that sell cigars near me must have staff that is willing to help their customers not only to select their cigar, but also answer any questions they may have. If they are unsure of the answer, they should be willing to find it out for their customers so that everyone can learn more about what they love.

Environment — a cigar shop should offer their customers an environment that is comfortable, clean, respectful, safe and of course inviting.

Renewal — a cigar shop is a place that people come to relax, you want one that will allow you to get rid of your daily burdens, refocus and leave refreshed and remembering what is really important.

Honor — when it comes to cigar shops, it is where people with similar passions and love for cigars meet. You want a cigar shop that encourages that their patrons and staff are respectful and caring to each other and express value for other people’s opinions.

Community — a cigar shop should view their customers as being some of the best people in their community. They should encourage their customers to interact with each other, talk and really get to know each other.

Technology — a cigar shop should offer Wi-Fi access to their customers free of charge, their customers should be able to work on their laptops, tablets, Smartphones etc. while enjoying their time in the cigar shop.

Media — a cigar shop should also offer televisions that their customers can use to keep up with the latest news or watch their favorite sports events.

Accounts — a cigar shop should have an account system in place for customers who have been patrons for an extended period of time allowing them to “layaway” their purchases and even offer payment plans.

After You Find the Nearest Cigar Shop

Once you have found a cigar shop that you want to hang out at, it is important to do so accordingly. Here are a few basic etiquette tips to remember when you enter a cigar shop near you:

1. Keep in mind that most people visiting a cigar shop are looking to relax, so keep the tone down.

2. Dress appropriately, this does not mean that you have to go to the cigar shop in a suit, it does however mean that unless it is on a boardwalk and calls for this type of attire, do not walk in wearing your swimsuit and thong sandals.

3. Make sure you always close the doors behind you, when it comes to humidors, one of the most crucial aspects is maintaining the temperature and humidity levels.

4. Make sure that you always enter quietly and when entering for the first time, introduce yourself to the ship keeper. Once you have become a regular, always walk in and politely say hello.

5. If anyone asks for it, make sure that you leave a calling card or email. The people in a cigar shop are generally not telemarketers, they are not looking to sell you products, they may want to just keep in touch and share and cigar related offers, sales or events which may interest you.

By keeping the above mentioned information in mind, it has been easier for me to find quality cigar shops near me and I am sure it will also be useful for you. Once you do, just adhere to cigar shop etiquette and you are sure to have a relaxing and learning experience every time you enter your favorite cigar shop.

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